John R. Sabine - Thinker

Though John inhabits the realm of IDEAS he is passionate about the need for such ideas to generate ACTION.

Faith without good works is dead’

One cannot achieve the future unless one first plans for it.  One cannot plan for the future unless one first imagines it.

Thus reform must start with the imagination.
We cannot get what we want unless we know what we want.

Contact John for his present ideas (imaginings for the future) in relation to:

  • Indigenous Affairs in Australia and a better future for our indigenous citizens
  • Waste/Resource recovery – Waste is a verb, not a noun!
  • Water management – sensible strategies at both national and local levels
  • Reforming the Federation – Federal/State relations; which comes first?
  • Taxation and budgets – you can spend only the money you earn
  • Drugs in sport – now, what exactly is a drug?
  • Bio-Ethics and accepting responsibility

and more besides.

Juror No 9 in full flight 01
John R Sabine Scholar at Large


John’s previous University research work involved primarily:


  • Cholesterol – its role in health and disease
  • Cancer and its relationship to lipid metabolism
  • Acetate metabolism in ruminants
  • Selective appetite for salt in sheep
  • Meat and fibre production in sheep and goats
  • Earthworms in organic waste management
  • The Tan sheep of Central China
  • Science communication and science/society interaction