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Old Jack the Aussie Gleeman and his

Adventure before Dementia

As sportsman and scholar, actor and traveler Old Jack has packed a lot into his mortal coil over more than 80 years.  Now he wants to tell you about it, through his stories and poetry, about being old, about animals he has known, and what it has all meant to him and might mean to you.

Why fire engines are red and why wombats have hairy noses, why old dogs can learn new tricks, what sort of morality the Russians can teach us, even how Tasmania came to be.  Join him before the Adventure is over

Includes such masterpieces as –

“A Wondering Gleeman, me”

“On Being Old”

“O How a Clown I Want to be”

“Old Bob Takes a Leak”

“Why Go Fishing”

“Nobody Smokes Here Anymore”

“Why Fire Engines are Red”

“The Pill”

and many more besides.

Adventure before dementia poster.