Who (the heck) is John R. Sabine?

John Sabine is now into his third career and he describes himself as a

"Scholar-at-Large": thinker, writer, speaker, actor

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Academic & Scientist

After university training in general agriculture, and more specifically in the animal sciences, in Australia (B.Agr.Sc., M.Agr.Sc., University of Melbourne) and the USA (Ph.D., University of Illinois) he was for some thirty-five years a research scientist and academic – mainly as Reader in Animal Physiology at the University of Adelaide.

During this time his research, lecturing and publications gained him significant international status, not only though primarily in several of the biological and environmental sciences but also in the broad field of Science-Society interaction. His 1977 text, “Cholesterol” (Marcel Dekker, NY), at that time the first comprehensive coverage of the field in 25 years, was well received internationally and remained for a number of years the primary text in this field..

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John R Sabine Scholar at Large


For the next ten years he was mainly engaged as an environmental consultant, company director and entrepreneur, with his own company – “J Sabine International”.

During that time he was especially concerned with helping a number of new Australian companies to develop and commercialize unique and innovative ideas, primarily in the general field of ‘the environment’, especially water management and waste/resource recovery. In this capacity he was heavily involved particularly in the Australian wine industry.

He also continued for some time his association with the University of Adelaide – as an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Geographical and Environmental Studies.

Writer / Actor

He is now primarily a writer and an actor.

Several of his short stories, essays and a number of his poems have already been published, as has been his book of travel memoirs – “Around the World in Eighty Ways”(Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide. 2009) and two collections of his poetry – “On Thinking About It” (Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide. 2012) and “Slam Dunk Poetry” (Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide. 2015). A collection of his short stories is currently in press – “Look Alive: the long and the short of it”.

As an actor he has appeared in a number of Adelaide theatre shows, especially during the the Adelaide Fringe Festival, as well as in several films, both short and full-length, and TV commercials. His main acting recently was as a member of the “Mixed Pickles”, Adelaide’s premier performance-poetry ensemble, but now primarily as “Old Jack: the Aussie Gleeman” (purveyor of tall tales, short stories and pithy poetry). Currently he is in the cast of “The Crucible” (University of Adelaide Theatre Guild, August 2-20) and “12 Angry Men” (Matt Byrne Media, October 11-39).

John R Sabine
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An Idea's Man

He's always been an idea's man!

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