John R. Sabine - Speaker

John’s experience ranges widely – in time, in topic, in place.  From many years of university lecturing and public speaking to a frequently-requested featured or keynote speaker at national and international conferences – Australasia, North America, Europe, Asia.

Do you have need for a speaker?

  • After dinner?

  • Corporate function?

  • Seminar or conference (local? national? international?)

  • Serious? semi-serious? or just whimsical?  But always entertaining!

John R Sabine Scholar at Large
John R Sabine

Do you want to pick the topic or shall John?

  • A Traveller’s Delight – and don’t lose the luggage
  • Earthworms in Science, Business and Fraud
  • Waste Not, Want Not – waste is a verb, not a noun
  • Water, Water Everywhere – whose water is it anyway?

And many, many more